How To Cover A Pool

The best get-together will never be complete without a pool party, may it be a family gathering or if you’re catching up with your friends. Perhaps you might want to spend time with yourself in the pool during a hot summer day without having to worry about it. Indeed, the pool is one significant part of our home that demands to be taken care of. By stating so, covering our pools then is undeniably necessary. If you wonder why you should consider this measure, take a look at these various reasons why you should put a cover to your pool:

How to cover a pool
  • If you can still remember your science lesson way back then, you might be familiar with the word evaporation. By covering your pool, you slow down this process; hence, it helps maintain your desired water level.
  • Covering your pool also keeps your pool water in a warm state. In this case, you do not need to spend a cent on a heat pump anymore.
  • The next important reason is, pool covers keep all the dirt away from your pool like falling leaves, debris, and other unwanted elements.
  • Moreover, of course, you should never forget to include safety. Some pool covers do not highlight this benefit, but if you want to secure that no one would get into an accident just by falling into the pool, then there are safety covers available in the market where you can even walk into it.

We’ve just run into some reasons as to why pools need to be covered. Depending on your top priority and which conveys you the most, there are standard ways on how you can cover your pool all by yourself. Pretty interesting, right? Well, technically, there should be plenty of steps that you need to go through, but you can always choose the easy way out and still in an efficient process. Here are a few that you should consider:

  • Check for algae in the walls and floors. Brush the surfaces, skim the water, and clean the skimmer basket. Also, think about running your filter for at least a couple of days before closing. You might as well want to apply a treatment a few days beforehand. 
  • Next, you have to check your water balance using test strips. Make sure the pH level is between 7.2-7.6, chlorine should be at 4ppm. At the same time, you might also want to add an algaecide to prevent algae growth.
  • It is also a good idea to backwash your filter, one last time. Also, consider lowering your pool’s water level, especially during the long winters.
  • Lastly, remove and store all your accessories, and you’re ready to lay the cover on your pool.

There are pool covers that give you more satisfaction. If you want to cover your pool in just a short time like overnight, for example, you might want to consider installing pool covers that can easily be removed and put back again. Either way, never disregard the ideas on what to take into account when covering your pool. Make sure to have a checklist of the essential notes stated above on how to cover your pool. Rest assured, you took good care of your pool by doing so. May you enjoy your next pool full experience!

Do Solar Pool Covers Work

Solar pool covers are always in the line when we speak of pool heaters. It has been a known fact that using swimming pool heat pumps cost pool owners much money. So for pool owners, purchasing a heat pump should always come with a solar pool cover. About 70% of the heating cost can save if to use a solar pool cover right after the heating pump. It is the best pair to preserve the heat of pool water at a lower cost.  

To explain further, solar pool covers or also known as solar blankets, look like bubble wraps in appearance. They are full plastic sheets that positions on top of the swimming pool. It works in such a way that it blocks the pool water to get in touch with the air above the swimming pool. Because if this will happen, evaporation is sure to come. Evaporation can lose heat for about 75%. It is the heating percentage that should be at the swimming pool. Also, solar pool covers preserve the heat and distribute it on the entire swimming pool. The warm that everyone craves to feel and enjoy. Especially at night wherein temperatures drop. Solar pool covers retain the heat gained the whole day.

The contribution of solar pool cover on heat gain depends on: first, the surface area of the swimming pool and second, how direct is the cover from the heat of the sun. A swimming pool that is covered entirely and receives the direct heat from the sun within six hours might gain about 10-15 degrees (in Fahrenheit) of heat.

To shape the solar cover, flat-fit the cover on top of the swimming pool. Use scissors to trim the edges to shape it the same, with that of the swimming pool.  

It can only cost about $50-$300. The range of prices depends on the size of the cover to purchase, the thickness of the sheets, the material composition, and the color. These are all available. There are a variety of options to check out. They usually last for about three years but be as observant as possible. When has observed that the bubbles fall off, and starting to flake, replace them already. They can never be that effective if to still use in that condition.   

Solar pool covers can already consider as such valuable investment. If to review them again; the price, effectiveness, and the life span? Also, add the convenience it can provide on pool owners. That it is effortless to install and remove anytime, you prefer. A wise decision if to choose to use. 

It’s simple logic. Solar pool covers can never be that popular if they do not work. Researches proved, in cases of covered swimming pools with this type, gained 10 degrees (in Fahrenheit) of heat or more in one day. 

However, despite all of these thoughts, many pool owners still do not prefer to use them. Their reason remains unknown. 

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