Pool Cover Installation

Installing a pool cover is not always the most right thing to do, even though it pretty easy. It depends on the type of cover you have for your pool. In most instances, you will be able to complete this process all on your own. However, before we talk about pool cover installation, what are some of the things you should consider before getting one?

These include:
The shape of the pool
Size of the pool
Use of the pool cover

These factors are essential in that you could get the wrong form of cover for your pool. Note that you cannot modify it and still perform the function you bought it for. Therefore, that is a checklist you will need to confirm before you get the cover.

Now, once you get the pool cover, it is time to install it. If you have a solar or even winter cover, you will need to follow the following instructions;

Let the cover rest on the pool

Usually, it will come in its package. The cover will most probably have creases all over from the packaging. Therefore, you might need to get in the pool water to remove the wrinkles and allow expansion of the cover. It will make it easy for you to install without tearing the cover.

Fit the cover on the pool

Once your sheet is soft enough, you can go ahead and fit it on the pool. This way, you will be able to tell if it is a little too big for your pool. If it is, then you can use scissors to cut the cover to your desired size. However, be very careful when cutting so that you don’t cut too much and ruin the entire thing.

Install the pool cover

Once you have been able to fit the pool, it is now time to install it. In the case you are installing a mesh pool cover, this should not take much of your time.

All you will have to do is drill the bolt holes on the ground. Also, make sure that each clip is attached to the bolts, all around your pool.
Solar pool covers, however, may require more understanding.

You should make sure that the cover lies with the bubble side facing down the pool to enhance the pool heating process.

Once again, you will be required to leave in the water for it to straighten. After that, you will be able to cut the latter to fit into the pool comfortably.
In conclusion, you will not have to swim in the cold water when you have a solar pool cover.

The air bubbles on the cover will help heat the pool as they act as magnifying glasses. Additionally, pool covers are quite useful when it comes to safety. For instance, you should consider getting a cover for your pool if you have children at home.

This way, you can rest assured that no kid is going to fall into the water. If you cannot be able to install the cover by yourself, you should consider asking for a professional to do it for you.